Tidbit is my foster dog. He is a sweet little boy. Seven months old and born with a severe heart defect. Broken Tail Rescue took him from a kill shelter and invested in getting him the medical attention he needs. He was seen by a cardiologist who has said without heart surgery he will have a very short life. With heart surgery he will not be cured but he will have a chance for more years and a better quality of life. His surgery is scheduled for November 1st. We are hoping to raise the money needed. I would love to see Tidbit have the opportunity to have a family who will love him for whatever time he has. He may not have quantity of years but he deserves to have quality of years. Broken Tail is waiving his adoption fee because of his uncertain future. If you can't give him a home, please consider donating to his surgery. No amount is too small. If you can't contribute financially, please consider opening your heart and home to him. Thank you for helping Tidbit.

Visit his GoFundMe site here